The Swan


You can imagine how busy the port of Rotterdam must be on any given day of the week, still the center of shipping activities in Europe since the 14th century.  


However, I am down by the water mainly to see the gorgeous Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge). Its nickname is De Zwann (the swan) but for some reason, it reminds me more of an art deco angel wing:


This 808-meter bridge was completed in 1996. It stretches elegantly across the Nieuwe Mass river as a connector between north and south Rotterdam.



Along the waterway, at the foot of the bridge, people are soaking up the sun while waiting for their rides…

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Check out this super cool building on the other side of the water:


I now cross the main street,


and a few more,


to finally get inside a funky box…it’s just right behind me. See you there tomorrow!


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