So while you were on the Kunsthal’s platform yesterday, did your eyes follow the reflection of the traditional Dutch roofline to the actual houses across the street…


and perhaps also see all of this new and ongoing construction in the periphery?


Rotterdam is a city on the move. I feel a new exuberance on the streets, in the crowds.  If there’s a global recession going on, I’m not really feeling it here.  It feels like a…rebirth or, at the very least, a growth spurt in Rotterdam. And yet, some things still haven’t changed, like transportation by bicycle:


Next to the Kunsthal is the Natuurhistorish Museum:


and the stuff crunching below my feet while I peek inside that huge glass window is this:


I promised you yesterday that we’d leave the museumpark behind today, so I’m now taking you down toward the water. Rotterdam, after all, was once the biggest port in the world until Shanghai came along.

We won’t reach the water today because there are too many distractions along the way when you walk with me…


I want to see everything, including the display in this shop, which is called…


Jeroen van der Graaf,  taartarchitect.  Need I say more?


I’m going inside for a sweet break.  We might actually get somewhere tomorrow.


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