The Mother of All Croustillons


I’m feeling a little overloaded with amazing architecture so today I’d like to take a break and update on a couple of items I blogged about recently. 

Remember when I went to the fair the first night I got to Europe and ate something called the croustillon? It was doughy and sweet and fatty and what you might say écoeurant after eating a bunch of them.  Kinda like eating too many Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one sitting. I figured I’d never eat them again. But then I really wanted to get pictures of them so I went back to the fair on its last night and ended up at another stand that sold croustillons. Or I should say the mother of all croustillons: Jean La Gauffre.


Why am I not surprised they have a website! I was being coy and took pics from afar by zooming in on a hilarious sign…no comment!


But then one after another people would line up to buy these critters…


and the sugary, fatty smell became too powerful of a persuasion so…




then…down the hatch!


The other thing is the Manège Carré Sénart , that killer carousel that enchanted me in Antwerp on the day I went to the zoo. On a second stop in Antwerp I bullied a friend into riding the merry-go-around with me. How many chances to we get to be children again!


How can you not love something made of metal to take flight and yet pretty enough with eyelashes–can you see them on this dragonfly below?


So after watching it go around a few times,


I knew I wanted to ride either the fish since it went up the highest or the bison since it was definitely my favorite:


Unfortunately I was not fast enough to beat these two boys to the fish but I was mean enough to elbow my way to the driver’s seat on the bison (though most seats have levers that you can pull to move certain body parts–in my case my joystick moved the bison’s head up and down and wagged his ears):


See this girl with the pink cap? She scrambled behind me and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t yield the seat to her:


OK, so I didn’t look too ashamed there (and my purse got to ride a bison!).

Tomorrow we are going to a different time zone. One hint: green.


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