Gentrification Has Come to Ghent!


First things first. That’s my belt sticking out from under my shirt. I know I’ve been eating out of my mind in Europe but I do not have a pastry gut. Yet.

Anyway, just for fun let’s pick up at the Sint-Michielsbrug (bridge to the far right of pic above). Right behind me but in front of the cathedral, that grand structure is the former post office. These two stretches running along the River Leie are known as the Graslei (street of herbs/vegetables) and Koornlei (street of wheat), and here is where your eyes go dizzy from the architecture:


Gentrification has come to Ghent! Look at the signs advertising vernacular structures converted into loft space:


Here are shots of the belfry,


the iconic Metselaarshuis (house of the masons’ guild)  façade,

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the famed St. Bavo’s Cathedral,


and the town hall,


I’m not kidding that I have about 5000 pictures of Ghent. OK, so half of them were taken of looms at the MIAT but can you blame me…this city is just too photogenic:


Heck, even the police station looks like this:


I bet these are just fixer uppers to the residents here:


I could never tire of waking up to the Dutch rooftops…


even if it means learning to get used to seeing so many vowels crammed together:


Where shall we go tomorrow?


  1. larkie

    Yes, Ghent is definitely one of Europe’s better kept secrets…though during one of my summer visits it was teeming with tourists for a music festival. You are so lucky to have gone to school there!!

  2. BB

    Seriously, I went to school in the ‘Savaanstraat’ lol. Great pictures, I bet 5000 pics of Ghent is not bad. I hear the city is getting ever more popular with international tourists, I think Ghent is still a secret that a lot of people coming to Europa still have to discover, somewhere in between Brussels and Bruges.

    Best regards

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