I heart LA

LA is basically a sprawling parking lot that we Angelenos love to complain about. Traffic, earthquakes, smog, and a million other reasons. But every time my plane hovers over LAX, no matter how great the trip had just been, I feel revived. Of course as soon as I’m in my car trying to get out of the airport, the love hate relationship I have with LA rears its sunkissed head. I love LA, but I hate to live in it. But doesn’t everyone have those days where the grass couldn’t be any greener anywhere else? Where you just want to get the heck out of Dodge? Well, I have lots of those days. Just not today though. I was cleaning my cat’s litter box this evening when I had a momentary mental recap of the week that had just been.  And I think I don’t give LA enough credit. Take a look at this week I had:

Monday: have a wonderful dinner at Beso (a sultry, dark restaurant lit by the sexiest chandeliers I’ve seen in a long time) in Hollywood. This is a joint owned by Todd English and Eva Longoria. The food is quite good but the people watching is better. Kevin Bacon’s star is on the sidewalk right outside of the restaurant.

Wednesday: we have a new president! I look through my stack of mail at work and don’t see an invitation to the inauguration but sneak out for a long lunch to look at the new RTW deliveries for Cruise at NM and Saks anyway, just in case. In my fantasy, I turn down the offer to become Secretary of State and accept instead the new position of Secretary of Couture.

Thursday: work related stress gives way to traffic related stress as my friends and I endure 2 hours of going a few miles from downtown LA to Dodgers Stadium for the Madonna concert. We’re finally in our seats a few minutes after 9pm and wait another hour for Madge to make her appearance. All’s forgiven though because she rocks (!), plus she delivers Justin Timberlake (and Britney, too, but let’s just talk about JT). I see stars on stage, in the mosh pit, and in the sky. It’s a perfect Southern Cal night.

Friday: A meeting gets cancelled on me so I swing by the Chanel boutique in BH to peruse their “exotics corner”. I’m shown ten of the most fantastic alligator bags and I happily oblige by trying them all on for size. Quelle surprise, every single bag fits me perfectly! I walk out of the store emptyhanded even though I’d love to adopt a sibling for my own dusty pink gator flap:

Sunday: We go see the Dallas Mavericks play the LA Clippers at Staple Center. Clippers actually won. I always cheer for the LA teams except when they play the Spurs, then all bets are off. This is a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

OK, so you ask, what’s the big deal? You could have done all of these things back in your home town. You could have done way better things in much more beautiful settings in fact. I can’t argue with that, but every time i see a palm tree outside my living room window or in my rearview window as I drive through LA, I think I heart LA.

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  1. wai

    you have a pretty full week Larkie! I would love to see the concert~ oh well i think they are coming to SF or came to SF i dont really know.. JT is such an eye candy.. i remember when i was 12 all my friends were in love with JT~ and we went and see his concert in Singapore and oh well i fall in love with him after the show.. lol… But Madge on the other hand.. she is the queen.. thats for sure~ i love her music but the thing i admire the most about her is her hard work. She work so hard her whole life and that had brought her the success she deserves.. Oh well I wish i can work as hard as her one day in my career and looks half as good at her age..

    before you talked about borrowing a kid to see JT~ lol.. you can borrow me anytime but i think u can easily pass for a 20 something where else people usually think i am 30 something.. oh well..

    Okay~ this is really long but here it goes again.. So i saw pictures of a few exotic flaps from NYMA collection and i was thinking about you.. then i read on your thread that you saw it IRL already so i guess none really stick with you.. Well i think u made the right decision. you should only get what you really love …

    Oh well i have the same feeling when i go home to burma or when i come back to SF and berkeley .. it is always the love hate relationship but I am sure u can never leave LA~ i really dont know how i am gonna leave SF and berkeley in a few months… it just sad thinking this will never be my home again after May~

    anyway!! Secretary of Couture! I love that line

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