Runway Vs. Reality: Black And White

As I crank up the A/C today–yes, another very warm day here in the Southland, even by our standards– I’m posting the last two rounds of the Runway Vs. Reality series. The first one is of my duster coat from the 14C  runway (runway photo courtesy of


I dare not wear it without a shirt as Stella Tennant rocked it on the runway, but maybe if we hit 95 degrees today I might have to reconsider the whole midriff baring trend. OK, not!

I quite like the frayed/distressed grosgrain ribbon trim on the collar and cuffs:

IMG_9949 (1024x1024)

IMG_9951 (1024x1024)

The battle from the previous Sunday was my 12P cropped jacket, a look from the opposite spectrum:


I used a photo from that season’s ads instead of the actual runway photo because the black/white photography used in this ad campaign was particularly brilliant. Sure wish I had also found the matching dress in my size when it was still available, but I was far too distracted by another dress at the time. Sigh. Hindsight is only useful if I can figure out how to apply it to the future!

IMG_9944 (1024x1024)

I hope you enjoy the close-up photos as much as I do–such delicious tweeds and buttons…

IMG_9948 (1024x1024)

So that’s the Runway Vs. Reality: Black and White post for today. In the next entry I’m taking you back to France!


  1. irene

    loe your white tweed jacket, u u selling ? LOL

  2. Christine

    I enjoyed your Runway Vs. Reality series.
    It’s nice to see the Chanel items worn in an everyday way.
    They are so beautiful!

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