Runway Vs. Reality: 11P Skirt


As obsessed as I am with Chanel, one of my favorites fashion houses is actually that of Alexander McQueen’s. His continued legacy of fantastically plumed gowns never ceases to capture my imagination, collection after collection. It’s tough beauty, dark and light all at once (photos courtesy of



Nowhere to hide that all that genius, even when cloaked by a cape of heavily knitted feathers…


It still breaks my heart that he is missing from taking a bow at the end of each runway, but we fashion lovers are all very lucky to have Sarah Burton so steady at the helm of the brand now. But I digress… today is about the lovely Chanel 11P tweed skirt with the removable ostrich plumed trim:

IMG_8730 (800x800)

IMG_9015 (960x1280)

There are not enough adjectives for me to express my affection for this particular tweed–who wouldn’t melt at the sight of daisy-shaped paillettes woven into the tweed?

IMG_8721 (800x694)

Anyway, in spite of years of obsessing over McQueen, I don’t have any of his plumed gowns in my closet yet… for now it’s just a fantasy fueling my fashion heart.

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  1. April

    Love it! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful things with us.

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