The Road To Adoption: Pink Christmas

My first Road To Adoption entry was posted on August 26, 2012. Today, almost 2.5 years later, I’m channeling Angelina Jolie as I introduce you to my fifth adopted child bag, an Hermès Kelly:

Birth date: 2007
Adoption date: 12/23/2014
Leather: swift
Color: rose dragée
Size: 32cm
Hardware: palladium

From all angles she is a perfectly, painfully pale and anemic pink bag. So fragile in beauty that I literally held my breath for five minutes as I freed her from the box and gingerly placed her on my arm.

As you can see from her stats above, she is not a current-year model. She had been lovingly stored in a closet somewhere else, unused…waiting for me. When I finally got wind of her, it was just a matter of a few deep breaths and furious chats/texts/emails with my sister and fashion confidantes. A night of fitful sleep then the decision was easy. She was coming home to me.

From the moment I decided on the adoption, I was texting back and forth with her “birth mom.” We exchanged photos as I wired payment from my bank and then as she shipped the package from her local post office. We giggled, as only purse lovers could understand, through the whole fun if also anxiety-laden process made so much more real-time with smart phones. And then the countdown began for that day to end so that I could take delivery of my new adoptee!

I’m thrilled that in all the 7 years of waiting she has not aged one day. She is a chameleon pink, elusive in showing her true color in photographs. To my eyes she is a soft, muted shade of pink with a trace of lavender in some light. The swift leather is delicious in this color. A high-maintenance color perhaps, but I have lots of outfits already in mind for the next fashion entries here!

I usually wait out the self-imposed 36 hours before removing the plastic on the hardware and breaking out the bag, but this time I think I cannot wait that long:

I hope you are having a great Christmas wherever you are, whether it’s a toasty 90F degrees or a white one. Chez moi, it’s a very pink Christmas 😀 .

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