Dior Happened

The problem with brand loyalty, especially when carried to an extreme sartorial experiment by me, is that I miss out on a lot of other cool creations that are happening elsewhere outside of the universe at 31 rue Cambon. Anyway, my friend SL has been telling me about these Mise En Dior tribal earrings for who knows how long now, but it wasn’t until not too long ago that I finally saw them for myself at the Dior boutique. And even then I was not 100% convinced. Costume jewelry, I told myself, was just another distraction from my “real” wish list. Keep your eye on the prize, keep those blinders on, blah blah blah.

And then during one free afternoon in Brussels, where I made a quick stop to my old haunt…

to hand over my wish list to a very sweet salesperson, only to be told that the shoes would not be possible to request but that the other items would be forthcoming from Paris in a couple of weeks for me to try on. So off I went to Hermes, with nothing more than a faint hope for a scarf or something. Completely struck out there, and once again I left empty-handed. But wouldn’t you know it, Dior happened:

I’ve finally joined the ranks of all the fashionistas who most likely now find these earrings dated, but heck, better late than never!

After all, I was probably the last person on Earth to discover Zara. Speaking of which, I found these adorable Zara tweed skater shoes on the same afternoon:

I think the tweed matches the colorway of one of my Chanel jackets–I guess I found my way back to the science experiment after all :D!


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