Feed Your Inner Whimsy

By far NYC has to be one of the best walking cities in the world, especially for photographers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur like me, every block is its own postcard in the making. Just point and shoot and the picture tells its own story:

From cityscape to waterfront, the city is every camera’s dream:

But hands down, my favorite photo opp on this trip was this giant topiary (for lack of a better description), Split-Rocker, by Jeff Koons:

It’s half toy-pony, half toy-dinosaur. Wonderful interview with the artist at this link. Too bad I did not have enough time to squeeze in a visit at the Whitney’s Jeff Koons retrospective. Here’s the shot from across Rockefeller Plaza:

Split-Rocker will be on display through September 12, 2014. I wish I could be here again in a few weeks to see how much it has grown (the flowers will probably be even more in bloom than they already are in my first pic). Go see it and feed your inner whimsy!


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