The Chanel Jacket Diaries, Part 6

We break all fashion rules out here in sunny LA. We wear white and sandals year round. We’ll layer a fur-lined vest over our shorts to “solve” the dilemma of juggling warm days with chilly evenings. We’re so laid back, when I sometimes have on a simple LBD for the day, people will ask if I’m on my way to a funeral service. Suffice it to say it can be quite a challenge to incorporate Chanel into a super casual fashion culture.

The Chanel Jacket Diaries, Part 6: Luckily the good folks at Chanel have thought of everything. Some collections, especially for Resort, will include wearable, less fancy separates that you can mix and match for the occasion. In this entry I am featuring the 13C cardigan jacket. It is of a cotton knit more suited for a cardigan, but the shape is structured (esp the cool stand-up sleeves done in the Marie Antoinette silhouette for this particular cruise collection) like a casual jacket.

So I could throw this over a sundress, jeans, or more formal pants, depending on where I’m going. But as I’m taking these selfies on a lazy Sunday, it’s thrown over a white cami and gym shorts (so I’ll spare you the head-to-toe pics :D).

Love the embossed fabric:

Let’s just pretend I’ve got on some skinny capris, just grabbed my Chanel timeless clutch, and heading out to meet you for dinner (instead of going back to the laptop to get more work done, sigh):


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