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I’d mentioned before that I’m more into antisocial media than social media, but Instagram has definitely gotten the best of me. Most likely it’s because it serves two large components of my personality: visualization and attention deficit. Throw all the fashion and photography elements into the mix and you’ve got me. I have finally put to good use the Instagram tutorial my bff threw at me over tea that one afternoon…

and I can now make collages till the cows come home, all courtesy of some fabulous apps on my (very) smart phone:

That was my attempt at Warholizing my Hermes croc Kelly. But why stop there when I can use these collages on Instagram to document my fashion history? For example, these are really fun collages of “Runway vs Reality” shots of some Chanel RTW I recently considered and/or bought during the summer sales:

As if that were not OCD enough behavior of how I store away each collection, I even archive the looks that did not make the final buy list:

Madness or genius? Most likely the former, but heck, when for whatever reason you need to go back and reference a particular Chanel collection, I’ll be waiting for you right here …just Instagram me @larkiedam :D.


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