The Chanel Jacket Diaries, Part 3

Hypothetically speaking, if I woke up with my closet ablaze and could only save one Chanel jacket, which would it be? Logically it would make sense to save the practical jacket from the last episode since it would get me the most mileage, especially if I had no other clothes left, right? Yes and no. The other half of my brain would actually save this jacket in today’s episode because it would be impossible to replace. Sure, I could always find another little black jacket, but would the House of Chanel ever issue something as cool as this one again?

The Chanel Jacket Diaries, Part 3: The only problem with this Chanel 09P painted tweed jacket is that it is so incredible I’m actually scared to wear it. If it weren’t so expensive I would have tried to buy a spare so that if I accidentally got something spilled on it (or if it went up in flames), I wouldn’t be devastated. Love the haphazard yet purposeful blending of the white painted windowpanes with the subtle tweed weaving my three favorite colors together (grey, white, and green), softened by a sheer net ribbon trim:

But it’s a tricky one to match to a bag without resorting to a predictable grey bag. Does it work with this Leo bag?

What if I played up the green in the tweed with this dark green reissue flap?

So will the House of Chanel ever issue something as cool as this one again?

We’ll just have to see what turns up in the next few episodes…


  1. larkie

    Hi Nadia, I do send my Chanel jackets out for dry cleaning, and it is each time an anxiety-ridden event! I have only had one or two mishaps but overall the key is to find a reputable cleaner familiar with high end fabrications/embellishments. They will know to wrap the buttons and tend to those types of details. Also, be very explicit in your instructions so that they know to take care of these pieces. Do not assume that they will even read the cleaning instructions on the label! Good luck!

  2. Nadia

    Hi Larkie – I have this jacket too!!! I too have worn it rarely for fear of it getting spoiled. Just wondering, have you ever sent your jacket out for a dry clean? If you have were there any problems? I am thinking mine needs freshening up but have never been brave enough to send it out to clean…

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