Trier, Part Two

Today’s post for Trier, Part Two, is really a tribute to this photogenic city.

Walking around its cobble-stoned streets I have the impression of entering the pages of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, but without the violence or gruesomeness…

Trierer Dom is the oldest Catholic cathedral in Germany. The skull of St. Helena, Emperor Constantine’s mother, is displayed in the church. Ok, so maybe there’s a little of that Grimms macabre feeling I was talking about…

Trier’s historical center is quite small and you can easily tour all of it in a day. After all those stops I showed in the last entry, I also managed to stop by the Karl Marx House, where the philosopher was born,

enjoyed this sculpture (whose creator I sadly did not jot down) in the middle of a square,

When I spend a day walking around a foreign city in the cold, one of my favorite treats is sampling the street food,

such as potato fritter served with apple sauce…

ginger cookies…

and my usual roasted chestnuts:

So this post wraps up my brief tour of Germany. In the next entry I’ll feature something I usually don’t write about, but it’s so charming it deserves its own post.


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