I woke up this morning with rashes all over my body. Looks like measles but I don’t feel sick so it’s probably an allergic reaction to something. Hard to focus on anything else when your arms and legs look like a science experiment gone wrong though. So I’m distracting myself by posting some photos I’ve been meaning to share.

Now I’m all about good pairings. You might say my I tend to book-end a lot of things from a design point of view. When that idea spills into fashion, it becomes an obsession with matching things. For example, check out this JCrew sweatshirt with a brocade panel. It is in stores now yet it’s a perfect pairing with these Prada flats I got from over ten years ago:

I love how the green lining in the shoes matches so well with the green flowers of the sweatshirt:

And sometimes a pairing happens because I believe that all women are born with the Imelda Marcos gene. You know, when in doubt take both. When something works, get it in (all) colors. Well, in my case, this pair is in my collection because grey and brown are hands down my two favorite colors on Chanel caviar leather. The saturation of these colors is beautiful in person.

Speaking of which, this pebbly texture is not far from how the rashes look on my arms today–sigh.

Finally, these two Tokidoki Karl Lagerfeld dolls are an example of bookends-pairings. Sometimes one just beckons the other…

Since I’m blowing through my closet anyway with my camera, I’ll be starting a short series next that’s a tribute to the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibit. Let’s just say it’s a challenge to myself to photograph as many black Chanel jackets that I have collected over the years as possible.


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