McQueen Moment

I know we’re supposed to be visiting the charming Parc Güell today, but sometimes a fashion moment deserves to get in the way. Now I said I’ve been relatively quiet this sale season, striking out pretty much at Chanel, not from lack of effort (well, sort of) but also just from lack of my normal ebullience for the brand. Sometimes a girl just has to sit out a season to recharge for the upcoming one. But I did manage to score a few wonderful items from my other usual suspects: YSL, AllSaints, Prada, and McQueen. One such fab score was this pair of python YSL Tributes–perfect match for my brown Chanel kisslock clutch:

Brown just does it for me, no matter the brand. Let’s say you want to surprise me with a pair of shoes or a bag; if you choose brown, there’s a 99.99% likelihood that I will love it. But in my heart of hearts, it is dark gold that makes me forget all others…

So when this antiqued gold python clutch wormed its way to my closet, I knew I had to dedicate this entry entirely to my Mcqueen moment. When I unwrapped and finally held the tiny yet heavy clutch in my hands, there were no words, just a feeling of amazement. It’s the same feeling I got standing in front of Picasso’s Guernica. I take it back, there are two words. Awe. Some.

I’ve always been a fan of McQueen’s clever knuckle-duster clutches, but this one with the hummingbird pecking at a half-eaten apple…

hovering over a reptilian case is so full of allegories I do not even know where to start. My literary and sartorial hearts are in overdrive! Yes, it’s a tiny little bag, but here’s how it looks coming…

and going…

The scarf I photographed it on? It’s actually a McQueen silk kimono-cape with this summer’s dragonfly pattern:

I’ve no clue where I’m going with that cape, but can you blame me?

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  1. Scholastican

    That clutch is a work of art. Whew! Would love to see you wear that cape, MissL. I bet the odj would be fabulous!

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