Escale à Dunkerque

On this very sunny weekend I went to Dunkerque, France with my host family for an annual boating event. The record breaking crowd had the same idea to soak up the sun, indulge in local food, and enjoy the various expos and events spread throughout the city center.

Let’s start with the ships that lined up along the harbor…

I love this ship with a Mini Cooper onboard:

As much as I love the boating life, I always come back to food. And there’s definitely something about the sea wind that revs up my appetite–of course all the smells and colors from the food stands only make things more pronounced! Imagine the aroma coming from this smokehouse:

I’m a huge fan of moules frites but have yet to try grilled mussels:

In fact, I was half a mind to ask them to just grill everything and anything I could see from the local markets:

Here are before and after photos of stingrays:

The crowds could barely break away from the long lines waiting for the various food specialties…

until the parade of the bands that marched (and in some cases, ran) down main street…

only to take center stage a few minutes later:

A couple of the bands were epic and quite amazing to experience. What a treat this weekend was!

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  1. Natassha68

    All that seafood looks Delishhhh!!, you look soo happy in the last photo, thanks for sharing 🙂

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