Like Aunt Like Niece

That looks like trouble.

Wonder where Lil A got that giddiness for window shopping from… like aunt, like niece.

But while Lil A was fabbing all around Dallas in her black and white Chanel inspired puffer coat (I knew she had to have that jacket the minute I saw it), her aunt was trolling for rtw sales. Since I’d just splurged on the Birkin and this set from the current 2013 Cruise collection,

which btw looks like this on the runway (photo courtesy of,

but double btw looks even more inspiring in this photo below (I’m sorry I can’t give photo credit as I found it randomly on the Internet somewhere!):

So great photography really does keep me going back for more. This next photo (from the same source as the pic above), for example, is seriously killing me. I went to the boutique looking for the jacket specifically, and you know, it loved me right back. All that Lesage couture level fabrication–to die for. But the 17K price tag is really souring our love story:

Oops, so where was I going with that thought after so many grammatical fragments? Oh yes, so I’ve been on the down-low this sales round due to the recent big buys. But anyway, the key items I truly loved were gone in my size by first cut, and I had to pass at that point because they were still so, so expensive, Birkin or not. Truly difficult to wrap one’s head around jackets in the five-figure range. Ouch.

But there was one particular look from the Paris Bombay collection that really stuck out in my mind (photo courtesy of…that neckline, I die! Totally the perfect frame for some great jewelry:

Again, ridiculously spendy for a coat of limited use. Perhaps because of that it made it to second cut in size 34:

I will post better action shots of this coat after it’s been properly fitted. I’m still debating whether I should also shorten it to mid-thigh so that I could get more wear out of it. Where would I wear it to, you ask? Heck if I know, but if I’m ever invited to a royal wedding in India I will be ready!

More pics in future posts as items arrive at my house. So until next time, I’ll share these photos of the most recent present from Chanel corporate:

Too bad Lil A isn’t here now. I know she’d be all over those polishes.

PS: did anyone notice the python bag above Lil A’s head in the first pic? Hello!

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