What’s Christmas Without Chanel?

I know, I totally went off the grid after that big Birkin reveal, but it was mostly from trying to wrap up a few projects before year end. Plus I’ve finally caught the cold that I was so sure another passenger would give me on my last few flights. So no frantic day-after-Christmas sale shopping for me, and I promise I’ll be posting some action shots of the Birkin when my fever breaks!

But, tisk, tisk, what’s Christmas without Chanel at this blog? Shall we look at the perfect shade of red from the 13C season?

It was pretty hard to locate that clutch with chain in the caviar leather, and I think it’ll get me a lot of mileage…just the right amount of splash with my daily black uniforms:

But speaking of red, here’s a pair of Prada oxfords that I ordered from saks.com (hey, just because I’m too sick to fight the crowds in person doesn’t mean my fingers can’t do a little shopping online!);

they were actually one of three pairs that I ordered. And for good reason, too. Sizing was all over the place…

Only this anthracite pair in size 36 actually fits:

BUT, you say, what’s with that first photo? Well, it’s one of three dog tags that came with holiday wrapping at the boutique,

and I was lucky enough to score them when I went to pick up my alterations:

Isn’t it fun when even alterations get wrapped up like that?! But of course it’s more fun to see what’s waiting inside :D. In this case it was my cashmere cardigan from last year that I finally had re-sized (love the cool wooden button):

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and that Santa was generous with you. No, I did not get this Van Cleef & Arpels I am coveting (maybe if I close a reallllly big project in 2013 Santa will let me have it!)…

but I did not have to dig through snow for Christmas this year, and that alone was a blessing. Now if only the cold would go away so I can hunker down and prepare for the second round of sales at you know where!


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