Year 5

If you’ve been one of the faithfuls at my blog, you know by now that my tradition is to mark each year with a series of photos showcasing some of my favorite accessories from my own closet.

Five is just a number to some, but it marks a huge milestone for me, a commitment-phobe.

Year 5 also means moving beyond a particularly challenging year full of heartache and joy.

It’s a halfway mark to a decade, and three past what I’d once assumed to be the longevity of this blog.

So thank you for sharing this anniversary with me, for being my therapist and confessor…and in some cases enabler. May more travel and fashion meet us in the year to come!

PS: That last photo is of my mini Leo with shots from my retina scan. Jury’s out whether I have night blindness or not, but the photos were so cool I asked them for a copy. Some say it looks like moonscape or lightning rods. It just makes me want to go eat some cabbage:

PPS: for some reason the email notification is no longer working at my blog. But I’ll be getting some tech support soon so please bear with me.

PPPS: if you’re really a stickler for details, that is NOT an ostrich egg next to my ostrich flap. Cannot find the darn egg I lugged back from Sydney anywhere so I had to substitute that photo with an emu egg. Close enough?

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  4. stefania

    Sei stupenda, come i tuoi “gioielli” chanel!!!!auguri per i 5 anni: salute, serenità, moda e viaggi.

    ciao stefy

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