Chihuly In Big D

If you’ve ever set foot inside the lobby of the Bellagio hotel in Vegas and looked up at the ceiling, you’ve seen his work. I’ve been a huge fan of this blown glass master for a very, very long time and try to catch as many of his outdoors and indoors exhibits as humanly possible. Given his prolific body of works, it’s highly likely that most of you have already come across Dale Chihuly at some point.

Not too long ago I got to enjoy the twelfth installation of his garden exhibition at the 66-acre Dallas Arboretum with my parents.

The event has been extended to December 30, 2012. If you are in the area, make time to go. If you really can swing it, go to the nighttime exhibit. I promise your eyes and imagination will thank you.

I’ve been to various glass blowing classes and exhibits in Venice and know it’s one of those things that I absolutely cannot do, at least to any degree of success without causing some kind of explosion or bodily harm. But boy, do I love the notion of creating something this fantastic…

this lifelike…

this vibrant…

from a piece of molten glass.

This sculpture, near the exit, is called Dallas Star, which I find to be a very fitting way to end the tour.

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  1. Piggy

    Another beautiful family photo you’ve got!

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