Yayoi Kusama

One of the perks of being on the road is lucking into popup stores or roving exhibits. At the Printemps department store in Paris there was one such fun and, if I may say so, wacky show for the collaboration between Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton. It was right up my alley…full of polka dots, bright colors, and tactile patterns. Everything I love in my mind’s eye but nothing I could pull off in terms of actually wearing.

SL and I stood in the popup store, debating the merits of the Neverfull bag as seen in the first photo (only the yellow version was available at this location), and with the huge Chanel hatbox in hand, I could not fathom lugging yet another large box back on the train. So I passed, but secretly I was still thinking about tracking down the white and black version of this bag somehow, somewhere.

A few days later I thought I had finally found the white bag, but by the time I arrived at the boutique it was too late. They only had the wallet for me to see in the white colorway. Alas…not meant to be. But something else was meant to be…more on that in the next post!

Sayonara, Kusama…maybe I’ll find you back home in the States (do you see a peek of the white/black bag behind the Kusama doll?).

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  1. Fauxionista

    Hi L, I was just in Paris last weekend and took pics of the pop-up store to post on my blog, too! Too funny. I just haven’t had the chance to do so just yet with bunch of things going on of late. To think that we could’ve been in the same place! And this after you went on the same cruise in Stockholm, like I did! 😀


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