3D And All In Paris

So I reference the Purse Forum a lot at my blog because it’s been a great research and social tool for me in all things accessories. One of the unexpected benefits to membership there has been finding friends from all walks of life, with all sorts of experiences. All this from one common bond of a love for fashion. I’ve found my Jewish-Italian mom there, a few great gfs that I lunch/shop with back in Southern Cal, and fab contacts across the globe. There are so many wonderful, interesting women in this world that I never would have been able to meet had it not been for this forum.

Anyway, one of my favorite people is SL, who runs her own company in Kuala Lumpur. It’s been 5 years or so since I met her so I can’t recall exactly how our online friendship started, only that she had contacted me via the Purse Forum. Fast forward through all our life changes and sisterly gossips about everything under the sun, we finally decided that Fashion Week in Paris would be the right time to meet up and see who has better arms (she does, hate that!). But thoughts about fitness went out the window as soon as we broke bread at Ladurée–love the Lanvin window and packaging!

So the few days when we were there, not only was there a mad rush of professional as well as amateur fashionistas for all the shows everywhere, but Paris was also overtaken by tourists on their Golden Week holiday. Needless to say, there were lines and lines wherever we went, especially around the designer stores…

72 hours in Paris and it was all a blur. More photos from our shopping pilgrimages in the next entry…I suppose you can tell where we spent a lot of time from these shots here…

It sure was nice to finally meet SL, 3D and all in Paris. Plus it sure was a lot easier to get action shots from a friend than a stranger!


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