Sick, Sick, Sick

So for a while back I did that whole FIMTSO series to detox myself from the habit of buying in multiples. I blamed it on the refugee mentality (hoarding for an unpredictable future…albeit for necessities like food rations), the Imelda Marcos curse (because I like rainbows!), and even just pure, unadulterated gluttony.

But this weekend, during a family reunion I watched my cousin’s sonogram of her March 2013 baby and thought: (1) how wonderful technology is that we can so clearly see the baby’s fingers, and (2) it’s totally a maternal (female) thing to want to buy in multiples so that we could share our fashion joys with a mini-me. How else could you explain matching mommy and me outfits…or these terribly adorable yet unpractical child-sized bags?

Sure, I can rationalize that I “need” the large version for work and the smaller rendition for after hours, but let’s face it, it’s sick, sick, sick:

No one in her right mind should duplicate the same bag for any reason (though I know I’m not the only person to do this) but what is it that they say…troubles come in threes? In my case, sick comes in threes…

Admitting I have a problem is the first step to recovery, but I need to confess…I’m still thinking about the ostrich jumbo flap that got away. It sure would have made a nice mommy to my medium flap :D.


  1. SL

    I can relate 😀

  2. Bella

    Awwwww….totally understandable! Those are goegeous buys! Carpe Diem! Nô regrets!

  3. stefania

    Hello! You look gorgeous!! you are not alone …. I just bought 3 pairs of ballet shoes chanel (gray-to-gray, black-gray and gray – black)!!!

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