Wooed by Wu

So while you were all wooed by Wu a couple of weeks ago during the pre-launch buzz of the Target collaboration with Jason Wu, I was zipping through one of the many Smithsonian institutions during my free day. I stopped by the National Museum of American History, which I had never visited before,

and saw the most incredible thing–the original American flag, all 30 by 34 feet in its tattered splendor, that inspired the lyrics to the national anthem. If you are in the area, go see it. If you were born in this country, you will feel proud. If you were naturalized (like moi), you will feel humbled. Either way, you’ll come out feeling awed.

Then just upstairs, I visited The First Ladies exhibit of the gowns worn by First Ladies, including Jackie O, Mary Lincoln, Nancy Reagan, and Laura Bush:

There was a short video of Michelle Obama’s introduction of the exhibit. On the dais with her was no other than Jason Wu, who had designed Mrs. O’s inauguration ballgown:

So yes, dear readers, while I was watching this video, I was visualizing a mad dash through a local Target that would not happen due to my travel. But I was lucky enough to score these two t-shirts after all…

If you happen to see the black kitty tote near you, please let me know. It was the number 1 item on my get list that got away.


  1. irene

    Great! your gf bought for you.
    Enjoy your days in Brooklyn

  2. larkie

    hi Irene! thanks for the tip but a gf of mine found one for me so i’ll be picking it up soon. i’m so excited!!

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