Vanity Press

Technology has come a long way and anyone of us could “publish” a fab coffee book with just a few mouse clicks. Photography is a big source of joy to me, so when combined with my other favorite hobby (fashion) and a great Groupon deal, it led to a very fun project, courtesy of

Yes, I’d had the Groupon voucher for almost a year before I finally got my act together and uploaded the photos into a 12″ x 12″ book about 24 hours before the coupon expired. I even splurged for a leather cover! Not sure why I thought the leather cover would have the photos on it but they were of course printed on the dustcover instead:

It took me almost five hours to compile the pictures into different configurations that sort of told a story. You might call it my first attempt at editorializing!

There are numerous other vendors that offer these photo books, and I’m certain some of you are pros at this already (my sister gave me a fab book of Lil A, who btw is also in my book!).

My dad would probably chuckle and call this project vanity press, but what I know is that when I’m 80 and can’t fit into my skinny jeans anymore, I will flip through this book and smile, dentures and all.


  1. Scholastican

    Very befitting your stature as Chanel tpf superstar =)

  2. larkie

    D: LOL re the fried chicken groupon. i just cashed in on a juice it up voucher!

  3. larkie

    hi everyone! thanks for your comments. i wish i could make a book like this for everyone i know, with pics of their travels or families or (not so) secret obsessions to document their lives!!

  4. April

    You’re simply FABulous, Dahling!

  5. viki anderson cooper

    this is fab L! who needs Vogue ? i would love this on my coffee table <3

  6. irene

    Nice, me too want to see more of the book 🙂

  7. d

    Chanel as a work of art?! I knew that was the case! Would also love to flip through this awesome picture book!

    Isn’t groupon the best?! I have a fried chicken one I’m dying to consume soon!

  8. Kk

    Such a wonderful project… I would love to see the whole look book!! Pls post more

  9. Sophia

    Great job! =)

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