A Welcome Present

Yep, that’s a huge rip in my suitcase after a short flight from DC to NYC. If the road can take that big of a toll on my poor luggage, I wonder what it’s doing to my nerves. But I choose the road so I’ve got to take the lumps and bumps that come with it. Plus this tweed toggle coat, from the 11A season, was waiting for me when I reached the Big Apple:

This is what I call a welcome present :D!

I need to get the sleeves shortened when I get back to LA, and when it fits properly I’ll feature action shots. As luck would have it, I was informed today that the boutiques will provide complimentary alterations even on sale items. Sweet!

I promise to come back here in a few days with stories from DC. And of course more fashion goodies from the road!


  1. larkie

    ^hi there, i’m really sorry about these technical hiccups i’m having at my site. i tried to unsubscribe you so that you wouldn’t get these emails but do not see you on my subscriber list, so i’ll have to ask my tech guy to see if there’s else anything he can do. perhaps for now you could just spam the emails generated from my site and eventually they will stop appearing in your inbox? again, my apologies!

  2. jelita78

    however did u manage to find this jacket larkie?
    i’ve never seen such designs before.
    lucky u!

  3. larkie

    April, yes, like you i’m glad i didn’t get the larger Missoni suitcase either. At least the carry-on size has fared better since it actually doesn’t leave my side for too long…but we shall see how long it lasts since it does go through some trauma during rounds of security!

  4. April

    Re the suitcase, this is exactly why I didn’t buy the Missoni luggage. It would be ruined the first time used if actually checked onto the plane. Sorry for your suitcase’s demise. I think the jacket is a pretty good consolation prize, though. Sweet!

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