Happy 2012

As we bring 2011 to a close, I’m already getting my bags packed for a trip next week. Let’s see if 2012 will bring even more travel into my life. I’m counting on it since I’ve finally taken one step toward a very big adventure that I’ve been wanting to take for a while now. Security clearance is required (and possibly boot camp training prior to the trip!) but fingers crossed I’ll finally get to do it later this new year. One hint: there’s no Chanel there. Just praying there’ll be WiFi and indoor plumbing!

Do you have your list of resolutions ready? While skimming through the sales racks at the Chanel boutique today, I was thinking about my 2012 resolutions…

1. Grow my new company
2. Eat better
3. Sleep more
4. Check in more than checking out

There’s nothing on my list about saving the world or becoming Karl Lagerfeld’s right hand, but I think item #4 will be the toughest challenge for me. When I get busy, I tend to become the bionic version of myself, going on auto-pilot to fix everything for everyone, without really being there. I mentally check out so that I can work around all the noise, to get everything done. But a whole year will go by and I won’t really remember much of any conversation I’ve had with anyone. At least not anything substantive. So I’d like to change that. The conclusion I’ve come to is that if I could take better care of myself, I could strive to become a better support system for all the people in my life.

I’d love to hear what’s on your list.

Happy 2012 everyone!


  1. larkie

    happy new year my dear sisters! so far i’ve already broken one of my resolutions though lol.

  2. Scholastican

    Wishing you a happy, healthy, and wealthy new year, MissL =]

  3. April

    Staying in the moment instead of living in the future, and monitoring my thought process to stay positive without the negative (old) patterns getting all the play time.

  4. Dawn72

    How true! I aim to be present more, i call it “turn up”. Happy new year, Larkie.

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