Escher in het Paleis

M. C. Escher was not a rap star but rather a Dutch graphical artist who worked in mezzotints, woodcuts, and lithographs. He was known as a “natural mathematician” because of his impossibly creative works that redefined a viewer’s perception of infinity and construction. The first time I happened upon an Escher tessellation was the time I found someone who could finally articulate my own obsession with patterns and symmetry, particularly when they morph into dizzying, multi-dimensional spatial abstracts…that are not actually abstracts at all.

Anyway! not too far from the Binnenhof is a wonderful, park-like area where you’ll find one of the most luxurious hotels in The Hague…

rows of lovely townhouses that make up embassies…

and of course Escher in het Paleis (Escher in the Palace or Escher Museum):

This museum was once the Lange Voorhout Palace, the winter palace of Queen Mother Emma of the Netherlands. So being here is like going to two museums for the price of one. First, you get to enjoy the building,

and then you get to explore the wonderful world of Escher:

I love this photo of the artist at work:

I couldn’t manage to take a photo of his famous 7-meters long Metamorphosis III woodcut but you can see a picture of it at this link.

Here are some final photos from the streets of The Hague before we move on to the next town.

I know…everything always leads to food.


  1. larkie

    hi Kayleigh, I just emailed you some info on this pic 🙂

  2. Kayleigh

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your post!
    I work for a production company which is doing a series of videos teaching math concepts to middle school-age kids. On our segment on tessellations we’re (naturally) featuring some Escher works.
    We would love to use the photo you posted of “Escher at work,” but can’t find a high-res image anywhere else. I was wondering where you found that photo from/if you know who own the rights to it.
    Thank you!

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