I Got Help

As a mentor once told me, it’s always free to ask. What’s not always free is the answer. Luckily for me, from my last SOS post I got help, directly from Paris. Or maybe I should get help, once you see the rest of my photos. But let’s face it, where there’s a kitschy Karl Lagerfeld anything, I’m sure to be on it like bees to honey. So here’s my KL for Sephora poupée:

He’s not as substantial as my Tokidoki KL doll, but his white yarn hair just kills me!

As it turns out, the snowglobe is as charming in person as it looked in the press photos:

Ahh, I love it when travel coincides with a fun fashion collaboration!


  1. Linda

    Thank you so much! Should’ve thought to look on there first haha. Unfortunately the snowglobe is sold out online, but I am going to try to check out a store this weekend! Crossing my fingers! Did you see the eyeshadow palette? The silhouettes crack me up haha. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Europe!

  2. scholastican

    That Karlmeister doll is just as outrageous as he is! Fabulous!

  3. larkie

    Thanks Joan and Linda!

    @Linda: a friend got the goods for me from one of the stores in France (i’m not sure where he found them exactly). But if you’re in Paris, your best bet is to order at the sephora.fr site. I believe there’s free shipping within france if you buy over 60euros. GL!

  4. Joan


  5. Linda

    I just found your blog recently and loveee reading your posts about traveling! I am also living in Paris (just for a year) and feel so lucky to be here. The Karl doll is adorable – I love how you can tell he even has attitude with his arms akimbo haha. May I ask where you purchased the snowglobe? I would love to get my hands on one if there are any left!

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