Bag Anxieties

So just how productive was Paris? I called up one of my favorite Chanel boutiques and lucked into speaking with a lovely sales associate. She patiently researched their inventory for the bags I inquired about and promised she’d get back to me. The weekend passed and after a few missed calls I get the message that un sac has arrived for me! We don’t have to discuss how rough it was to fall asleep last night, do we, as I was anxious to time my call exactly at store opening this morning?

Well, turns out she’s not working today, but they assured me the bag, whichever it is, is safely on reserve until I can speak with her on Thursday. Good thing I have comfort food to settle my bag anxieties…did I already tell you how satisfying something as simple as a baguette and some favorite cheese (in my case it’s the Comté) can be?

Nineteen more hours till I find out which bag next makes the adoption list. Good thing there’s a whole lot of “comfort” food around here…a girl could die happily from a sugar high!

So many pastries and only one stomach…


  1. scholastican

    Bag anxieties indeed! Allez!

  2. Anonymous

    What a treat, we got two articles this week so far. I look forward to read your articles, they take me places, open my eyes to quality goods.

    Thank you

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