Those Dr. Scholl’s Clogs

OK, so I didn’t sleep in that jacket after all, but it is hanging prominently in my closet so that I could swoon over it every time I walk by. Men would never understand this, but that’s what those of us with the XX chromosomes do. We’d dissect it, discuss it, obsess over it, and when we finally own it, well…repeat.

But on to other sales news :D. Remember how I was bemoaning the fact that beige is really hard to match for me? Well, after this sale season, I can finally shut up.

My sales associate called these oh, those Dr. Scholl’s clogs, which made me laugh and cringe at the same time. But I have to say, I think these will be my go-to sandals for the summer. Now, if only the black version had also gone on sale…


  1. April

    If they’re comfy, I say wear them. And you’re right: peeping out from the pants is a good place for the cute fronts of the shoe. Good purchase IMHO.

  2. larkie

    lol, these shoes/clogs always get very mixed reviews. i’ve never been a fan of anything with a wooden heel, but these are quite comfy. and yeah, definitely not the sexiest shoe out there, but i think the front looks cute peeping out from under linen pants!!

  3. d

    Hey girlie, I’m sorry to say… I’m not feeling these. Granted they are dead matches to the beige claire, but as you said so yourself…Dr. Scholl’s?! Sorry, not sexy in my books. Ha!

  4. jelita78

    ohhhh they do look comfy!!
    love it larkie!

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