More Shoes

So another pair of sandals from sales turned up, but I’m having trouble fitting them. The size 36 I tried on at the store was too long in the back and loose around the ankle, but the 35.5 sent to me is too short in the back. So not too much luck here even if they would have been cute with my black (or white) linen pants. Not that I need more shoes, but I’m hoping the rest will fit better.

While waiting for the rest of the sales loot to arrive, let me post a picture of the olive (vert fonce) mini flap against one of my favorite cardigans from 08. When I bought this bag it immediately occurred to me to match it with this sweater, but what do you think…matchy-matchy or find a bag with better contrast?


  1. Jelita78

    Go for Contrast !!!
    It’s better to see you with, my dear!!

  2. larkie

    hi April, now if only i can get the weather to turn to a nice cool 67degrees then i can wear that cardigan!

  3. April

    I like it as is. Congrats on all the goodies!

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