Royal Wedding Fever

Though my last blog entry left you in Paris, I’ve since moved on to London in the last few days. Royal wedding fever is everywhere in the city (and all the round the world I suppose)…

but I’m battling an even more royal case of hay fever (the daily walks through the parks are probably not a great idea!) which culminated a few nights ago with the ambulance arriving at my hotel room. More on that later and many more photos/stories about one of my favorite cities in the world when I am in better form. I also will write more about Paris.

But for now on this Friday, April 29, 2011, just a few more pics of London…

before I go out there and get lost among the crowd of millions in soaking up the party atmosphere of the Royal Wedding. Come with?


  1. April

    I watched Princess Diana marry Charles in 1981, so wouldn’t miss this one. Just watched all of it on the DVR, and thought it was just so amazingly beautiful. Every aspect was perfect. I’m very happy for them. Much better to watch it at home than standing in the throngs of folks clamoring for a good vantage point of the “kiss.” It was great!

  2. Dawn72

    I was there in spirit too. Got home early from work because “I had a wedding to attend”. Loved it. Loved watching the Diana wedding, too. Sigh.

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