La Tour Eiffel

I’ve been to Paris enough times to not feel/get lost anymore, but no trip is the same until I’ve visited the 324-meters tall iron giraffe, the Eiffel Tower. Wonderful things play out here. I’ve seen guys get down on one knee under the tower’s immense umbrage to propose to their girlfriends…

as well as multigenerational families visiting the tower for the first time, with the same look of awe both on grandpa’s and his toddler grandchild’s faces…

I suspect that no many how many times you look at la Tour Eiffel, either from a great distance,

or sort of up close,

you’re awestruck every single time. Can the same be said about another certain French icon? Stick around and we’ll see in the next entry…


  1. larkie

    hi piggychopper, thanks for your comment! i think paris is one of the most photogenic places in the world!!

  2. larkie

    hi Katherine, i’m using the canon sd1200 IS digital elph. they’ve since upgraded this model a couple of times and you can find the latest one for under 200usd. I’ve tried a few brands but have been the biggest fan of this series for a dummy-proof camera.

  3. Piggychopper

    Such a romantic place and you are so gorgeous even from far.

  4. Katherine

    Ahhh…gorgeous!! Are you making any Parisian purchases??

    Also can I ask what camera you use? I love your photographs!

  5. April

    Been here many times and it never fails to amaze. Enjoy your time and keep ’em coming. I so love going on vacation with you. Hope your birthday was spectacular, my dear.

  6. larkie

    ^ahh yes, another sinful temptation in paris :D. i’d need a metabolism booster (or personal trainer) if i ever move here!

  7. Latkes and Dim Sum

    How lovely to spend a birthday in Paris! Have you tried the cakes and macaroons at Pierre Herme as well?

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