This Unforgiving Skirt

Well, I took all of your comments and advice to heart and tried on all 7 looks, plus a few other permutations that shall go down nameless in flames. And this, the safest of all in terms of color-coordination, is the look that I chose to wear outside of the house:

No colors or patterns clashing. It’s comfy. Ya, as much as I love looking at editorials, I am pathetically lazy when it comes to dressing up. So getting me into heels and a skirt, especially this unforgiving skirt (note to self: beware of tweed skirts with checked patterns!), is a rare event.

Since we are technically in winter time (though it hit 80F today!), I think I could also throw either of my 05A fringed cardigans over this look:

So, dear readers, I’m sorry I can’t quite get out of my comfort zone yet–lots of neutrals, black, black, and more black–but 2011 is all about escaping that box, so hopefully as we do more of these CC challenges, you will motivate me to wear color!

BTW, I already have another item in my closet that I absolutely adore (translation: would like to be buried in it) but have trouble wearing. So I pet it every once in a while when I pass by it in the closet so it doesn’t think I’ve forgotten about it. I just have no idea how to translate it from runway to real life. Anyway, I think you all have one (or five) of these things in your own wardrobe and know what I mean. So that will be next week’s Couture Counsel entry…

I’ll take you back on the road next time though.


  1. Mona

    I love the first look! Looking great!

  2. jelita78

    u are right.. this is hard.. “beware of tweed skirts with chequered patterns!”

    it’s ok larkie..
    we’ll never give up on u..
    baby steps ok.. baby steps..
    we’ll get u into colours soon.. heehe..

  3. April

    good choice; thanks for sharing the final look.

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