I Dreamed Of Buffalo

When I wrote about this bag last month, a dear reader advised me to sleep on it and see if the Chanel pale bluish-gray Chain Around flap in sueded buffalo was worth hunting. Well, I did mull it over, over many cups of tea and stronger drinks, over long walks…even longer talks with anyone who’d listen (including myself). And even as the taupe lambskin version quickly sold out in stores, making my taupe one now a commodity, I couldn’t shake it.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and just like with buying art, it is all about that immediate connection. I know I’m talking about fluff again today, but fashion is highly subjective, and based on my own experience, the things I end up keeping forever have to have that love at first sight sensation.

So a week ago I gave it another shot. I got up at 5am and called the Paris boutiques and was abruptly dismissed by one (but you know, it still sounded so pretty in French!) then referred to London by another. The first London boutique had sold out and the second had the wrong size. Of course by now this sicko mind of yours truly was in overdrive. The harder the chase, the bigger the kill. I just wanted to slay that darn dragon. At all costs! Then a charming voice came over the phone at the Sloane boutique and in two minutes flat the dragon, er buffalo, was conquered. Days and miles of ocean passed and then…

It is a sueded (I want to say nubuck?) leather, and as soon as my eyes made contact with the color, my heart melted into a small puddle of water at my feet. If it wasn’t completely inappropriate to weep over a bag, I would.

Here it is next to the taupe lambskin version…

and next to the equally anemic gator flap…

Maybe not in all things, but generally my instinct is strong when it comes to fashion. I could tell from one tiny picture that this bag was the one for me. I’m glad I took the time to think it over so that it wasn’t an impulsive decision. So when that reader told me to sleep on it, I did. And I dreamed of buffalo. So glad it is even better in person than all my dreams combined :D.


  1. larkie

    hi jel, it’s a tricky little bag to use, isn’t it? unless you are super tall, which i’m not, it’s easiest to loop the chain around and under the flap in order to double chain it. but then as you know, you’d have to be extra careful in opening the flap so the contents do not fall out!

  2. jelita78

    dear larkie,
    have u been using this chain around bag?
    if u do, could u tell me when and how u carry it around?
    i think i’ve only used it less than 5 times for more than a year already now.

  3. yeecin

    This bag is to die for, maybe i should forget about the GST all together!

  4. Eunice

    Totally gorgeous! Wear it in good health!

  5. Jelita78

    Opssssieee.. The nubuck definitely not for me then.. As I always out with two superheroes, having that fragile bag sound like might not be a good idea..
    Thanks larkie !
    Wish u still have pics of u first chanel and create a post a about it.. Would live to read your the ‘beginning of karl obsession’ story! LOL
    It was indeed a feeling alright.
    Stepping into Chanel boutique, but this time with determination to buy it after having it reserved for 5 days!
    Seeing the SA wrapped it up with ribbons and camelia flower making you feel it’s like your birthday!
    Letting u snap pics as much as u wanted coz they knew that u’re excited with it.
    Actually i was determined to have fallen for the chain around look as soon as it was released.
    And i have been dissappointed to find out that your karl not making any with gold hw.
    Coz i feel like the black will look ultimately to die for with ghw..
    But hubby (and other 4 SA) easily convinced me that is THE one, as i on the other hand have only wear white silver/ platinum jewelry.. Weird how i have wished for ghw,huh..
    Hmmm what do u think of bag hardwares and jewelry in fashion sense by the way? Didn’t notice u mentioned jewelry in most of your odj though..

  6. larkie

    Nikki, i’m totally with you on your comment re texture + roundness on this one. add a pale, pale color and it just all makes sense! i know, not the most low maintenance bag in the world (note to self: do not wear this bag with dark jeans) but it’s just spot on to me :D!

  7. larkie

    Jelita78:i think the bag looks fragile b/c it’s super light in color. i’ve had nubuck/suede stuff before and i don’t find them to be particularly delicate–i do wonder if i should coat this bag though just in case of rain…i’ll have to take it to Factotum and see what they suggest.

    Re buying the first chanel bag, we all have a diff idea of what our first one should be, and the only common denominator is that YOU love it 100%. my first was the dark brown cambon reporter bag–the only one i thought wasn’t too matronly to carry (silly me!) in my Gucci days. lol. it’s since been adopted bc i’ve totally retooled my collection, but i always think of that bag fondly. happily, the excitement of bringing home a new chanel bag never gets old! so as for your black cam being your first, if there’s any doubt (hw or anything), i’d probably reconsider finding one that makes you swoon instead. for me, that’s what a first chanel bag should be!!

  8. Nikki

    The new bag was soooo worth the hunt. As you know, I’m a ‘texture’ girl and the softness of the suede in that rounder style of bag is fab!

  9. Jelita78

    I knew it !!
    U just cant get over it at all, can u? Hehe
    Congratsss!!!! Thats a fabulous catch and persistence pays to those who wait and work hard and call every store in the world ! LOL
    I’ve been meaning to ask u how would u take care of the nubuck? Is it as fragile or more than lambskin?
    I love that shade of blue grey and i think its best suited with shw.
    But hubby convinced me that black chain around was more worth it to get as my 1st chanel.. It is gorgeous too but i cant shake the fact that i wish it would come with ghw.
    **sigh** any advice?
    What do u think?
    Should i exchange it?
    Whats your first chanel and why?
    What should a first chanel be like anyway?

  10. larkie

    ^ i like that it has a harder bottom b/c that means it won’t cave in at the bottom from weight. however, given the price point i’d have to eyeball it very carefully since they may be cutting back on some corners (maybe fabric lining, which isn’t bad necessarily). but wow if it’s bigger than the maxi it’s quite big…for that price! wow!

  11. Sandy

    I found this in the thread Beach Bum started with the In the Business Flap this VIP Flap. Yea, my conclusion from the threads was inconclusive.


    This is a group shot and the bag is a bit bigger than a Maxi flap. The top is soft but the bottom is hard. The price is the same as your tan Cam which is surprising because I thought lamb was more expensive.

    You need to do another shot of your gray collection! Every piece is so beautiful.

  12. larkie

    thanks everyone. i do love this bag!!

    Sandy, is that the new bag from cruise/summer? i love the size/shape but have to see it in person to give you better feedback re the leather. chanel lambskin is really tricky. i LOVE how it photographs/looks on the classic flaps but can’t use it bc i think it looks awful with use. however, it is gorgeous on the less rigid styles. and it is always much hardier than i expect it to be. but again, it depends how hard you are on your bags in general…maybe i’ll see that bag at the next trunk show or store visit and i can give you better input then!

  13. Sandy

    lol! Such a cute little anecdote. And I completely understand “the harder the chase, the bigger the kill”. I’m like that too. You got very lucky! The bag looks very symmetrical. and the color is TDF. Btw, can I ask you about lambskin? I’ve searched TPF but I want an experts opinion. 😛 I’m thinking about getting this bag: http://forum.purseblog.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1283494&d=1293596155

    My only hesitation is that it’s in lambskin and not sure how that will hold up. Thanks!

  14. Mona

    Glad you got what you wanted! Looks good!

  15. April

    Yay for you! She’s a lovely girl. 😉

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