Miss Plan C

I know I left you hanging with the Lanvin for H&M story a few weeks ago, so today I’ll take a break from the road and continue my saga…

So around 11am I headed back to the mall, mentally psyching myself up for the 15-minute mad dash for my loot. As I exited the parking garage, I ran into the two girls who were in front of me in the original line where I got my wristband. The only reason I recognized them was because one of them had on a very funky pair of knee-high socks that she wore over her leggings. I saw H&M shopping bags in their hands and my stomach nosedived.

I rushed to the store and lo and behold, there was no line outside. All of the signage was also gone…along with the entire Lanvin inventory! Much to my dismay, the groups had either moved much faster than expected (why did I leave my post!) or the store had simply sold out and everyone in line had scattered. Now I’ll never know because I left too soon.

I wish I’d stopped those two girls to get the entire scoop and of course to see what, if anything, they were able to snag–at least I could have lived vicariously through them, but it’s all a mystery to me now.

As I left the store, I made eye contact with one of the salespersons at the cash register. He was of a very slim build, only a few inches taller than I am, and had fashionista written all over his attitude. He saw me drooling over the one item I really wanted to find from the collection, which he was wearing, and winked at me. I pointed at his t-shirt then at myself, miming the fact that I’d fit in his shirt–that I’d buy it off his back. He grinned widely and mouthed back: not for sale, honey.

So yours truly left emptyhanded…from the women’s collection. But what was it that I was able to wrangle earlier from the men’s sale? A purple tiger t-shirt that might work belted, over skinny jeans or leggings,

and a pair of men’s tuxedo pants for my friend’s boyfriend.

I’m disappointed to tell you that Miss Plan B didn’t do so well for this particular fashion challenge, but in these days of e-commerce, she can always find some vindication as Miss Plan C. Hello, eBay!

Everything is for sale. Honey.


  1. scholastican

    HU-WAAAATT???!! The store got cleaned out without you in it?! I think I want to faint for you!

    On second thought, redeemed by that last sentence, HONEY. LOL!

  2. SL

    Where is the “Like” button? I need a “Like” button for this blog entry 😀

  3. larkie

    hey Braden, good to see you here! your employer is one of my favorite internet “inventions.” i’d be the first to say i’d not be able to build my own chanel collection without the help of eBay. keep up the good work @ eBay…some of us may not like to admit it, but the rest of us fashionistas thank you :D.

  4. Braden

    Hi Larkie aka Miss Plan C. Good point by jelita78 that nothing beats eBay! I see from your post that it can be perceived as a scary place, but eBay’s new Fashion experience is bright, well lit, and brimming with amazing selection and prices! (While I am an eBay employee, these opinions are my own.)

  5. larkie

    i know ebay can be a scary place but it’s also a treasure trove!!

  6. jelita78

    oh yeah!
    u go girl !!
    nothing beats ebay, honey! hahahhaa

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