Happy New Year From The 4/18 Club

While I’m preparing my house for another family celebration, my niece Lil A has been busy carrying on the fashionista gene. I’d mentioned before that we share the same birthday (hence, the “4/18 Club”), but as she’s developing her personality, it seems that we have a lot more in common than a mere date. If that first photo does not sum it all up for you (I believe I also skip toward the boutique in the very same way!), may I submit the following evidence:

She loves shoes…


mini ODJs (outfits du jour)…

But most importantly, once the shopping high is gone, she’s outta there! We’ve got things to do and places to go, people! No time to waste!

A girl after my own heart. And one day I suspect my Chanel collection :D.

Happy New Year, everyone, from the 4/18 Club.


  1. lisa

    she is too cute! and so fashionable and chic!

  2. larkie

    April, welcome to the club :D!

  3. April

    I should have known: my birthday is April 17th and I worked in the legal field for over 30 years………funny about that.

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