Who Needs Sleep When There’s Lanvin?

I know you’re all out there, the legion of fashionistas who have been counting down the hours for the release of the Lanvin capsule at H&M this November 20th. I was right there with you months ago, trolling for spy pics and any info I could get my grubby hands on as soon as word leaked that the fabulous Alber Elbaz was collaborating with H&M.

I’m a huge Lanvin fan but do not have a single RTW item from this label! I’ll wait for your collective gasp :D. But I do have a stack of those lovely blue shoe boxes in my closet. I adore their ballerina flats in the most sumptuous of leathers, and I even went for the sneakers that Michelle Obama made famous while gardening at the White House. OK, OK, so we fashionistas knew about those sneakers way before Mrs. O, but you know what I mean…

Anyway, I called the H&M near me and it turns out that they are one of the lucky ones to be getting the Lanvin collection. They told me doors will open at 8am on Saturday and we’ll be allowed to line up at 10pm the night before. So Lanvin-loving fashionistas out there…have you your sleeping bags handy? Am I nuts to be tempted by this idea? I haven’t camped out for anything since concert tickets back in ninth grade. And even back then when I was young and silly, it sucked.

So what to do…fight the masses Saturday morning and pray there’ll be something left in my size? I’m not good sleeping outdoors and am not sure I can “hire” someone to camp out for me?!! But heck, who needs sleep when there’s Lanvin. Right?

PS: it seems I have a thing for Lanvin and python 😀


  1. Tabitha

    Oh you’re blog is scrumptious and moreish I think I’m in love with your closet

  2. lifa

    Looking forward to see what you will get from the Lanvin massacre 🙂

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