FWTWYL: Look 9

I haven’t been back to this Fifty Ways To Wear Your Lover series since June, and to re-introduce it, I thought it’d be fun to use new talent.

So my latest supermodel, Lil A (btw when she’s famous and loses her milk belly, she’d like to be known just as “A,” thank you very much), shows up all professional and ready for work. All businesslike. Well, sans shoes but all businesslike quand même. Who needs shoes when you have carry people?

In between shoots she makes phone calls to her agent (Forget the clothes, do I get to keep the bag?!?)…

and kills time by flipping through magazines (What! No new Elmo gossip?)

Anyway, we’re doing something fun for the next four FWTWYL…the four seasons, of course!

FWTWYL: Look 9, Fall. Burberry jacket, Ralph Lauren jodhpurs, Joyfolie Maudie boots, and the black caviar jumbo.

The last photo gives you a glimpse tomorrow’s boots!

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