FWTWYL: Look 11

I apologize if these FWTWYL entries are becoming hit-and-runs, but whenever the women in my family get together, we end up sweatshopping from morning till night. And I do not mean power shopping in an unairconditioned mall. I mean we are busy sewing, making jewelry, cooking, and planning a million other things that we never have enough time to finish. And shopping. Now with the newest little one in the mix, we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off (especially when we’re running after her).

Speaking of the little one, for today’s FWTWYL: Look 11/Spring, she’s in a navy/white floral dress and Joyfolie shoes. If it weren’t already past midnight I’d ask my sister for the make of the dress. But I was still baking rum raisin cupcakes with my mom at 10pm while finishing her pearl necklace so I’m lucky to even remember my name right now.

Here’s the talent with my wallet. I think she’s wanting something other than milk for payment :D:


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