Rynek Główny

At the end of the street where I left you yesterday is one of several entrances into the Rynek Główny or main market square of Krakow. It is a large square punctuated by the tall Gothic towers of St. Mary’s Basilica,

dotted by beautiful structures and dining choices,

and dominated by the historic Sukiennice or Cloth Hall, which was once Krakow’s center for bustling commerce during its Golden Age in the 15th century. Merchants with textiles, spices, wax and other traded goods of yore are now replaced by souvenirs vendors in this place:

All this souvenir shopping is making me hungry. Meet me back here tomorrow and let’s see if we can’t find any pierogies!


  1. larkie

    ^There are Tourist Info offices in most places around europe, and i always save their brochures so i can jog my memory at the end of the day. and ya, i do take a lot of notes wherever there are informational signs that i can understand! i used to trust my memory from looking at photos in a sequence, but after a while a lot of the churches and market squares start to blur so now i also make it a habit to take pictures of every city and building names as well!!

  2. jelita78

    i love the way u explained each places..
    u covered briefly on the historical, the current activities and the attractions..
    may i know where did u get these info?
    do u hire a tour guide or sort at every place to get the details? it really amazes me.. coz i don’t think all info are available in the brochure.. do they?
    or were there information board available at each spot explaining these? and how do u get to remember all these things!? do u jot down, take note of stuffs?
    have i told u that i really admire u? 🙂

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