I Heart Kofola

Have I mentioned how warm it’s been here all around Europe during my visit? The sun was unforgiving in Vienna, and on a few unairconditioned buses in Bratislava it’s felt like a real oven. But on my last morning here, rain clouds decide to show up, hemming and hawing above the city like a petulant child threatening to throw a tantrum. I slap on a hat and head outside anyway. I only have four hours left to see the city before my next flight, and high on my list is the Kostol svätej Alžbety or Church of St. Elisabeth, better known as the Blue Church:

Rain makes good on its threat and I even duck into this sanctuary to catch my breath, only to gasp at its grandeur…

but by the time I head back to the city center, the hems of my pants are soaked…

Luckily the rain doesn’t linger. The muggy heat is back as the clouds break, and I just want to dump a bucket of ice over my head. I wonder if I can find a cold drink in this narrowest house (which has a store on the first floor) in Bratislava:

You could easily see the historic center in a day, and while I do feel a little rushed, I only need a few more parting glances at Bratislava from the tram…

and then it’s time to get back on the plane,

but not before I bring a little bit of Slovakia back with me to my next destination…

I heart Kofola.


  1. larkie

    lol! i think it helped that this bag was a vintage one and already broken in, so it was quite low maintenance to lug it around everywhere.

  2. Eunice

    Now you’ve got me lusting for one! Oh dear..

  3. larkie

    Yes!! in fact, i loved it so much i didn’t use anything else, except for the other mini-flap that i wore to more formal events. why i never got into the mini-flaps before is beyond me!

  4. Eunice

    I’m <3 your vintage Chanel! It served you well on the trip?

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