Where There’s Hermes There’s Usually Chanel

Vienna is a very cosmopolitan, multi-cultural town. It has its own sense of fashion vibe like any city secure in its identity:

So on one of my days here, I thought I’d chase down the shopping scene while touring the historic center. I get to the Kohlmarkt area first, where all the fancy stores are…

and my first pit stop is Hermes. Wouldn’t it be fun to buy this bicycle and see the rest of Vienna Hermes style?

Where there’s Hermes there’s usually Chanel…

In fact, I spot quite a few Chanel bags on the arms and shoulders of many ladies including this one:

By the way, the sorbet I’m enjoying is from this tourist favorite:

Did I say how warm it’s been here in Vienna? What better way to fight the heat with a nice cold glass of Austrian beer?

If you love pretty sweet treats and gorgeous architecture as much as I do, I’ll have a very special entry for you soon. I’m heading across the border again today so if there’s no wifi where I’m going, I’ll see you in a few days and I’ll pick up the story from Vienna then.


  1. larkie

    hi donna, i emailed you back some info–hope it was helpful!!

  2. larkie

    hi Donna! sounds like a great idea what you’re planning to do. email me at ldldb@yahoo.com and i will give you tons of helpful hints for europe!!

  3. Donna

    Hi Larkie. I found your blog from your signature on your posts from tPF. I been a silent reader of your blog and just wanted to finally leave a comment and say “Hi.” Thank you for posting awesome pictures of your travels for us to admire. I will actually be going to Vienna mid November as 1 of my stops exploring through Europe so the past few posts you posted have been really helpful. I’m also looking for inspiration for places to go as I start planning out my trip by going through your travel posts. I’m planning on going away for a month to take a break from working really hard during the past 5 years since I graduated from college. I’m actually quitting my job and going to “play” in Europe since backpacking through Europe was something I had always wanted to do but never had the time for it. I won’t actually be backpacking so I’m gonna call it “playing.” =) Do you have any suggestions of which places I should definitely visit in Europe based on your travel experience? Do you travel alone or with others? TIA. Hope you have a safe trip for the remainder of your trip.

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