Some half an hour past Peruwelz is Cuesmes,

where I find the house that Vincent Van Gogh lived in from August 1879 till October 1880. It was renovated in the early 1970s after a fire and now the house is occupied by a family on the second floor and serves as a tiny museum on the first floor.

On the grounds there is also a newer construction that is the reception hall:

The museum is so tiny that it literally takes a few minutes to tour, and there are only reproductions (except for one painting) of Van Gogh’s prolific works and letters. For once I can’t really recommend this museum, but as a huge fan of this artists I am glad I get to set foot in another place that inspired him for the few short months he spent there.

I’m heading to Eastern Europe today. If I get wifi I will continue with my stories this week. Otherwise, have a good week and I’ll be back with more photos on Sunday.


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