What NOT To Do In A Car

For those of you lucky enough to live by the beach, we don’t want to hear you whine about what a pain it is to deal with the congestion on PCH when you have to back out of your ocean-front driveway into oncoming traffic:

We won’t feel sorry for you because of this…

and this…

Anyway, I had a meeting in Malibu yesterday on a chilly, overcast day, and before you can ask me how people get any business done with the ocean beckoning them from every angle, I have to say it is tough. Even on the ride over, all you want to do is drive with the window or top down and soak in the salty air:

I couldn’t resist taking pictures at every red light or quiet stretch, though using a camera with one hand is definitely what NOT to do in a car. Check out the American Apparel store on a prime beachfront lot:

Next time, I’m having a cold drink on their rooftop patio even if I don’t buy anything there.

It was about 69 or 71 degrees by the time I left Malibu and I thought about those of you suffering through the current East Coast heat wave. I shuddered because the sun was not quite out and it was chilly. But I’m sure you are not feeling sorry for me either.


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