Coco And Her Nut

Tomorrow I will go back to the fashion story I meant to tell today. But the “strays” turned up while I was in the yard so I have to give you other pet lovers out there a quick update on Coco…and her Nut. As you may remember, this gray one was the most elusive out of her 3 kittens. She (I’m calling it a girl for now) would always hide somewhere and watch me from the distance. This is only the third time I’ve actually seen it, and I’m not about to give up on some face time. So I wait, and wait, and wait near the food.

Then Coco goes to her usual perch, which signals her imminent descent to the food bowl. And then it happens. The gray Nut comes out of hiding, but still using her mom as a security blanket….

A couple of yawns later, Coco comes for her snack, with Nut in tow. It is precisely at this point that I rename the baby Coconut:

Coconut finally comes to check me out at close range,

and is adorably distracted by and enamored with the new world around her:

You can tell I’m smitten, can’t you? But last week Coco and her other baby did show up with collars around their necks. Today the collars are gone, but I suspect she does sort of belong to one of my neighbors. But you know, I heart Coconut…

…and if she’s still around when I come back in August…maybe I can adopt the lil Nut from my neighbor and Coco can still see her baby…


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