So Many Shoes And Only Two Feet

Thanks everyone for your concerned emails about my health. This week I am running at 98%, and in a few days I expect to be back in overdrive mode…just in time for sale season. The days of pre-sell leading up to the actual public sales have already kicked in, so this past weekend was a whir of viewing and trying things reserved for me…grrr, so many shoes and only two feet!

The shoe departments are full of floor-to-ceiling mirrors and soft lighting to goad you into a shoe frenzy, and if you didn’t have a shoe fetish before, you usually do by the time they finish bringing out the tenth pair. And if you were wired for shoes the day you were born, like yours truly, then…well, it’s hopeless. But I behaved. Designer shoes have gotten so expensive virtually overnight that I think these are the only two pairs I want for now–the Marni peep-toe bootie…

and the gray Louboutin wedges that will match a gray bag I’m considering (it’s always like this, isn’t it…do we buy shoes to match bags or bags to match shoes?)…

OK. I lied. I’ve not behaved all that much. Because these just followed me home from the Prada and Converse outlets. Umm, do I get a pass for outlet shopping?

PS: the first pic is of two Chanel buttons (they are lipsticks positioned to spell out COCO if you have 4 of them) my buddy sent me from KL. You see? The Chanel addiction is not entirely my fault. I have enablers from around the world!


  1. larkie

    ya the blue snake Choos are hot, but they’re more editorial than practical. for booties i think the Marnis will get me more mileage…enough to do a whole FIMTSO episode around them hehe!

  2. jelita78

    oh i likeeeeeee the prada wedges..
    but was a little surprised that the blue python didn’t cling to your feet.. hehe..

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