For Missoni I’ll Always Make An Exception

It’s no secret that I have a full-blown Chanel addiction, but one of the best spots in my closet is a large section I set aside for all the Missoni items I’ve collected over the years. I tend to stick to pale neutrals or black most days, but for Missoni I’ll always make an exception. It is all about the color blast, and I feel happy just looking at the zigzags and scallops and prints…

Missoni is colorful, sometimes loud, sometimes wacky, yet always brilliantly woven:

I don’t know how it’s possible to imagine these patterns and colors together in one piece and have them make sense…

…yet they do, to me:

I can’t really bear to let go of the pieces from even a decade ago because each item is a colorful reminder of all the buying trips in Italy with my sister, of all the moments my girlfriends and I swooned over the tactile patterns as we combed through the racks during sale seasons. They remind me of why fashion doesn’t end season after season. As long as the creativity doesn’t stop, we will shop.

So men, this is why we women can justify having 20 pairs of black shoes, 70 Missoni tops and counting, and too many bags. Each purchase is a reminder of a moment in time. We shop with our emotions, and you shop with your sense of practicality.

And maybe, just maybe, if you could wear Missoni as easily as we gals could, you’d understand…


  1. larkie

    hi everyone! i’m so glad missoni strikes a chord with so many of us. the best part about collecting missoni is to see how their patterns and colors have evolved over the years. every time i think i’m done with it, they release something fab!!

  2. SL

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Missoni “swatches” – I had to scroll up and down 3X to admire the prints again and again and again 😀

  3. Foonyy

    Love it!

  4. Mona P

    Hi, there! I found your website through purseblog forum.

    I love your blog and your Missoni collection is wonderful! There is something joyous and special about Missoni prints, that is for sure.

  5. Quinn

    Beautiful and breathtaking! You have an amazing collection there!

  6. jelita78

    indeed gorgeous!
    u’re right.. only missoni knows how to transform such prints to wearable clothing!
    u look awesome with the top!
    the zig zag and colours adds life to it!

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